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About Us

We've built sayulabs to present data and findings related mostly to SEO.  We're part of the research team at SAYU, a digital agency, and as such we're heavily involved in collecting, analysing and reporting masses of data related to Search Engine results.

Our ambition is that by sharing this data we can encourage informed debate on a topic that we're all passionate about.

As part of a commercial organisation we are limited in some areas as to what we can publish and we hope you'll accept that in some instances we cannot reveal all of our data.

Please feel free to use our findings, but we would ask you to credit us where applicable as the originators of the work and we'd love to hear back from you about where you've published it.

As the whole purpose of this blog is to encourage debate we'd love to hear any comments you have  regarding our research.
Tony Marshall, Director :: Dr. Gerda Arts, Head Statistician

The Sayu Labs Team